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Jarrad Bell


Jarrad has been working in design for over 10 years, never putting himself in a niche area and always open to opportunity and knowledge growth. He’s designed Bob Sled suits for the Great Britain Olympic Team, Men’s and Women’s apparel for the likes of Billabong, logos and business packages for business of all sizes and rolled out national campaigns for the likes of Red Bull.

He’s passionate about creating meaningful concepts and designs, things that click with the target audience and customers. The research is never about jumping on bandwagons of viral. It’s about connection.

Jarrad enjoys working with small, medium and large businesses.

“They all offer their own challenges. Seeing a small bricks and mortar stall make it first online sale is just as rewarding as seeing a national brand campaigns rolled out.”

In the spare time he’s a Dad, a Dj and spends a lot of time in the ocean. It’s about work life balance.

“Why create all these cool concepts, if we can’t enjoy them!”

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